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Wednesday, December 3, 2008


The title started out like Hola, then Yola, and the resulting title Jola (joe-la)...so yeah.

I saw my grandmother!!We talked a little, about friends and ingredients going about in the spaghetti of life...isn't that weird..."Ingredients in the spaghetti of life".......
I JUST made that up...I swear..well I don't swear..but pretty close to swearing....
She said that I have a lot of friends for a new school, and new people......Whats THAT supposed to mean???!!!??? I don't know but why would she say that...I mean it's the middle of the year, I can't have a group of friends?Sorry 'bout that moment I had...I'm kinda spaced today.

I feel like eating chocolate devil cake...wait...you know that birthday cake at Olive Garden....that chocolate stufff?? If you don't it's to DIE for....again really close to swearing!

I found out today that my friend Stephany (not you steph)or,if you know this,Cris, is moving to North Carolinain in January ...I SOOOO SAD!!!!!!*sigh*It's depressing.I mean doesn't it seem that every friend you get just move away???I feel like bawling my eyes out, again close to swearing...*sighs again* And I don't cry...the only time I cried at school was when this girl almost pushed me down the stairs...I AM SO SCARED OF STAIRS!!!I mean, some people are scared of spiders and bugs...me...I'm scared of stairs....sooooo yeah, you know my weaknesss

well I gotta go...

-Make a Note of It
Angel Wings


AnimalGal said...

Stephanie is moving. =( Boo hoo!

Don't forget- Brown Cow Goes Moo!

Seth said...

she spells it with a 'y'? coolio.

Angel Wings said...