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Thursday, December 4, 2008

My Lullaby

Don' forget to read my last post too!

But right now I feel melow as can be...it's because of this song I discovered on You Tube....It makes me relax, and forget, and washes away aall my problems, and it just...melows me out you know...

You HAVE to hear this song it's SO beautiful and soothing....It's now my new Lullaby....

So here's the link, but don't forget to read the rest of my post,k?


Wasn't that beautiful???

My friend say it makes her want to cry...


ruby said...

its so beautiful song i have ever heard

it was bella's original lullaby.

im leaning how to play it. its really hard but i will learn cause im in love with this song

Angel Wings said...

I NO!!!! I wish it wasn't Bella's origanal lullaby, so I can be origanal, but I'm so in love with the song I...I don't even care!*shrugs, and smiles*

Gunther said...

I almost cried. ;-)
Nice song.