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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Fun stuff and more that you won't imagine...

I had SOOO much fun at my first dance...okay just so you know I'm not the kinda girl that shakes her booty to get what she wants...but...I was in the dance off and there was this slut who was shakin her booty and...just being a whore...yeah...lets leave it at that...So she was doing her hoe dance and one of my best friends was on the buys team...I was on the girls team with the...hoe. And he did really good...i mean if I'd brought my camara this dance would be all over the internet...and people would say "THAT WAS OFF THE HOOK!"...it was that good...but she and her skank wanna be's had a louder scream then any of my friends put together...yeah...so my friend lost...I gave him a high five and a hug...I felt bad...so later I texted him...and I quote..."U shoulda won...that slut and her whore friends should beat it!"

That one sentence made him SO much happier...so I'm glad I said it!

AYWAYS, the really sweet lemonade made me hyper and I danced to every single song...

Sorry I posted two days after the dance it's just that I was so tired and it was my first dance! So yeah.

Cabbie...I love that little happy birthday video...that was soo cute!

Thanx for forgiving me Dan...my sisters ex-boyfriends name was Dan...guess what he did to piss her off...I'm serious...guess...

I changed schedules...AGAIN! All my friends in my class are upset...oh well...they'll get over it!
I'm just glad I'm finally in a different class then Josh...THANK GOD!No really thanx...(') (')


-Make a Note of It
Angel Wings


AnimalGal said...

sup y did u hae to lve our class?
oh and the dance off was off the chain. yeah u know who should have won.
(no names mentioned)......'
Brown cow goes moo XD

Angel Wings said...

Chang totally shoulda won!!!...XD

Seth said...

okay, like six things.

1) i didn't like how you used the word 'slut'

2) i didn't like how you used the word 'whore'

3) i didn't like how you used the word 'hoe'

4) i didn't like how you used the word 'skank'.

it isn't good to call people names like that. i don't care what they're acting like! you don't just go around saying those things? got it??
jeez! be a little nicer to people!

sorry about the rant, but i just have issues with these. i don't care what she was acting like!

Angel Wings said...

no intention to disrespect what you belive...but...you weren't there...no offense...but EWWWWW!!!!

Seth said...

ew, what? you used the words in the first place!

Angel Wings said...

no I mean how the girl was dancing...