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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Layin people off

Okay I'm getting rid of people I follow that I don't really talk to alot so beware...BEWARE!!!

It took my family SIX HOURS!!!to home...SIX HOURS!!! You can't imagian the cramps my legs got when I stepped out of that cramped little car...UGH!!!

I've been in my pajama's the whole day, it my new style.

I HATE when my cousin Stevie smokes! Last night he came home from his friends house, and stenched like pot...they don't call it dope for nothin...He lost his future in the Navy for smoking pot...for what...a little HIGH!!!???!!!

Sorry about my episode...it just pisses me off!

I officialy have two stalkers!!! One kid, is in my class, his name is Dan'te or D'nte or Don'te or something like that...anyways...he keeps texting me asking me if I like him...okay this is basically what I say EVERY TIME this kid asked me if I like him

"Do you like me?"

"Yes, No, Maybe So"

"Which One?"

"Do eeinie meenie miinie moe" I think thats how you spell it *ponders*

"I got yes"

"I got maybe so"


"What is it...Whats wrong?"

"I like you"


"Hey, Whats up?"



"*My Name* can't talk right now"

Thats basically how it goes...And my other stalker, one day, just walked up to me and said he liked me....He's a weirdo cause I decided to go to Spanish class a different way and he kept following me...ALL THE WAY TO SPANISH!!!Oh, I might post a new chapter soon so beware...

-Make a Note of It

Angel Wings

SO SORRY>>>anyways...

Okay I would like to announce the results of my latest post....I am offcially changing my blogger name to "Unleash Your Imaganation"....The date this change is gonna happen is November 3rd...probably, but then again I might forget soooo...yeah.

Oh about the title, I'm sorry I haven't posted on either one of my blogs lately...I'm at my grandparents house for the last day, and the only reason I'm online now is I JUST finished a reasearch report...so enough about that.

Ummm, I had a great thanksgiving!!!! As I said before it's my favourite Holi-day. I'm still bloaded from those after thanksgiving leftover lunch...OOP, just burped!

Well I gotta go...

-make a note of it
Angel Wings

Monday, November 24, 2008

I saw THE movie but I won't ruin it for eveyone...

Okay obviously I saw Twilight, because of the title, SO I thought it was good, but I think it's better to use your imagination...

I finished my STUPID paper yesterday...

HEY! If you want to see my mom and I argue online...go to my moms blog...I follow her so she's in my profile under (I think) who I follow, or something like that...Oh, and her blog name is My Little Corner Of The World...so yeah.

I CAN'T WAIT TILL THANKSGIVING!!!! It's my favourite holiday! And on behalf of that I'm posting a poll special for my favourite holiday...
Well I got to go...I have to work on my power point for school...If I figure out how to post the power point...I will...It's on the 12 labors of Heracles...

-make a note of it


Sunday, November 23, 2008

Hi peoples of the world!!!

Okay, mom, if your reading this now at 1:31...Dad went to the store and said I could have a break...

Sorry, last time I posted while I was supposed to be doing something I got in trouble.

So my dad was helping me the this philosophy paper...I HATE WRITING PROMPTS!!!I have a humungo headache...AND I'm supposed to go somewhere, but I can't go if I don't finish the paper so yeah...
My room is a mess...It's such a big mess that if you pick up one little piece of clothing, something that you'd been looking for for the past week just pops up right there under that one piece of clothing.For instance, I been looking for my history book last week and today, I found it in a box UNDER my bed...UNDER! I haven't gone hunting for something UNDER my bed in the last...AT LEAST 5 MONTHS!!!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

My week or basically an update...

Okay I am proud to present that the winner of the Which book is more exciting? poll is.....(drum roll) Saving the World and Other Extreme Sports!Second place goes to Leap and third goes to Marley and Me!!!

Okay enough of the rewards ceremony...

This week I brought up my grade in almost every grade so the effect is my mom took me to Barns and Nobles to get some new reading material.
I got the book "If We Kiss" and "The Story of A girl" And this weekend she said she might take me to see Twilight even though she not interested in vampire stories, and she says that she might take me to another bookstore cause the reason why we went in the first place is to get Eclipse but they didn't have that in soft cover so yeah that's enough about books for now...umm...what happened this week...

Oh, unfortunately two boys in my class now follow me around like puppy dogs....

OOH, I got some good news...I'm testing for my next rank in December sometime...WEE!!

I think thats it...wait no! There's that rough draft of midnight sun...which is Twilight in Edwards point of view...I'm on page 13 or something...I would post a link execpt my teacher sent it to me so yeah...Does anyone know if Eclipse is sold in soft cover?I f you do post a comment please...

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Okay...the kids on my bus are officially NUTS!!!They throw paper balls,rocks, water bottles, and much much more....I'm mean alot man...alot!Well this lady talked to us today and she said "If any more ruckus's happens on this bus, ALL of you are going to be suspended from the privilege of the bus for 10 days...BEHAVE!!"

That is sooo harsh!I mean some of the kids are actually just sitting there!That's unfair...

But my dad over reacted, HE said that if I get suspended off the bus for other kids wrongs that he's gonna get a lawyer...a lawyer!That would make me the laughing stalk of the WHOLE SCHOOL!!!I can see the headlines now "GIRL'S DAD SUE'S LOCAL SCHOOL!"

I mean it's pricless...ugh...parents are over rated!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Liver Lips McCoy

YAY!!!I'ts Liver Lips McCoy!!!I love him the most okay...that was random...ANYWAYS!!!!Okay I got a new backpack today cause my old back had this HUGE hole in it so yeah...I might post a new chapter so be aware....(.) (.)


Saturday, November 15, 2008


Okay today I've been at a martial arts tournament ALL DAY!!! Okay not ALL day but a whole chunk of it...all of 9 and a half hours of my day so I'm really wiped.....yeah.....*SIGH*

FRIDAY IS COMING!!!YAY!If you don't what Friday is...your slow.
The bad part is I have to wait Monday through Thursday...so that's four days.*sigh*

as I said wee, so enthusiastic right...

Friday, November 14, 2008

New chapter

REEEEROOOOOWWWWREEEEROOOOOWWWW!!!IT'S THE MAKING MY MOVES ALARM...New chapter out now so read read read!It is REALLY interesting, yet very hooking!

I'm not the only one

Okay I've been on the hunt for people that get XD the first time they hear, so far I've asked 10 people...2 people didn't get for a week, 3 people got it in 5 days, 4 people got it in a week and a half, and 1 person got it in 2 days...thats some long periods of time...see I'm not the only one..


Wednesday, November 12, 2008


WEEEE...MY PICTURE!Tell me what you think...

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


I am officialy investing in gmail chat...so if you use a gmail account out there please post your e-mail address so everyone can chat with everyone...okay. *sigh* If you feel you don't want to post your e-mail address for everyone to see that visits my blog or maybe someone new (heaven forbid) just e-mail me to let me know...My e-mail is maxangelwings@gmail.com, do not click on my e-mail address cause if you do and you send it will just come up as spam, so don't.It's called 'copy and paste' okay so okay... Here's a random pic.

IMPORTANT!!(i am sooo serious if you just skip this your missing the whole point of my blog...)

Okay I'm thinkin about changing "You Can Fly Where Ever You Want" to "Unleash Your Imaganation"

I am posting a poll on this so vote what you think...Thanx for listening!

Monday, November 10, 2008


YAY! I posted a new chapter on Making My Moves! Well gotta go. (my dad's on my case on not getting enough sleep)

Sup people of the World!!!

YAY!!! :D I'm soooo happy right now I got my friend to follow!!! Hey if you want this blog to grow( if you don't just so you know I don't see why not so think about it) tell every friend you know okay.

And just so you know all of my followers I'm telling my friends about your blogs...

This Girl Is Awsome...

OKAY OKAY, I found this girl on You Tube and her name is Mia Rose and she sings really well, she has a clear steady voice and some of the songs she sings are really pretty!

So of course I would have a link to one of the songs I know that she sings
WAY back when I was into Kelly Clarkson....


She's becoming soooo famouse just from singing on You Tube....Isn't that AWSOME!!!
I just realizedwhen I was reading over this before I posted it that I kinda still like Kelly Clarkson...sorta...Whateva i'm so happy that I feel better cause I stayed home cause I felt like I was gonna freakin puke my guts out, but now I'm all better.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Promised to Seth (don't say I don't keep my promises)

Okay Seth was talking about a fist fight and all and I made a comment on the subject and I said I would post about...so your updated here it goes...

I was almost in my first fist fight when this bully on my bus was trying to steal my friend's foundraiser chocolate. I stepped up to him and bellowed right in his ear " BACK OFF!!!"
I almost fell on the floor so startled, eyes wide and surprised that he started running and looking back trying to find out where I came from my sudden appearence...

SOOOO close! Well anyways he was suspended from bus priviliges anyways from attempts of theft.... Whateva that is!?!

Thursday, November 6, 2008


I can't believe all of you weren't on in the last three days!!! Get a grip on technology...GOSH!!

I can't believe I just noticed this....BUT, I've made 4 or more posts in the last two days I've been so bored...

Were you guys suddenly wiped off the face of the EARTH!?! Come on people !

You know what if you come on line I'll tell mark something exciting. How do you like Dem apples?HUH?!?

I'm bored.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

B-O-R-E-D spells ....

I am soo b-o-r-e-d. Whats that spell yep you got it BORED!!!!! Emphisis on the ahem BORED! Well anyways...

Oh I almost forgot........I'M FREE!!!!LIKE A BIRD YOU KNOW A BIRD!!! But the down part is you have to figuire what free like a bird means... If your positivly sure what it means e-mail me but if your guessing or not sure post a comment.... And if you don't know my e-mail adress post a comment.


Sorry about my last post... it was sorta disgusting.

Sorry again

I'm Just Holding It

I have to pee!I have to pee!I have to pee!I have to pee!!!!!!


Sorry I really have to go......

My dad is in the bathroom doing who-knows-what while I'm sitting in the computer chair sorta kinda jumping up and down...


But I really really have to pee! Yay my dad's out of the bathroom....Excuse me...(jumps down off the computer chair).................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................
EWWWWWWWWWWW COUGH COUGH COUGH That is just desgusting...

Now I know what he was doing...

If you got it right good for you but he was... pooping...Hee Hee. I can't say pooping(hee hee) with out giggling...

It really stinks...

Saturday, November 1, 2008


My Dad is goin to help me put a pic I drew on my blog...

I'ts not that I don't know how to...but he doesn't want me to screw up his scanner.

(I know you said something nasty all of you about that last post...just post what you feel I don't mind!)

-Make a note of it

Angel Wings


My "Halloween" SUCKED!!! All I did was sit around waiting for kids to come steal MY supplies of chocolates and other delicious sweets of the such...

And plus my ex-boyfriend came to my house...apparently to trick-or-treat...
AND he stayed to "catch up"... More like try to win me back!UGH, boys...No offense. It's just most boys, not all.

But on the plus side I am OFFICIALY a certified babysitter! I passed the Red Cross course. And now I can go to hotel's and get paid alot more money other then not being certified and hardly getting any money what-so-ever.