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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Layin people off

Okay I'm getting rid of people I follow that I don't really talk to alot so beware...BEWARE!!!

It took my family SIX HOURS!!!to home...SIX HOURS!!! You can't imagian the cramps my legs got when I stepped out of that cramped little car...UGH!!!

I've been in my pajama's the whole day, it my new style.

I HATE when my cousin Stevie smokes! Last night he came home from his friends house, and stenched like pot...they don't call it dope for nothin...He lost his future in the Navy for smoking pot...for what...a little HIGH!!!???!!!

Sorry about my episode...it just pisses me off!

I officialy have two stalkers!!! One kid, is in my class, his name is Dan'te or D'nte or Don'te or something like that...anyways...he keeps texting me asking me if I like him...okay this is basically what I say EVERY TIME this kid asked me if I like him

"Do you like me?"

"Yes, No, Maybe So"

"Which One?"

"Do eeinie meenie miinie moe" I think thats how you spell it *ponders*

"I got yes"

"I got maybe so"


"What is it...Whats wrong?"

"I like you"


"Hey, Whats up?"



"*My Name* can't talk right now"

Thats basically how it goes...And my other stalker, one day, just walked up to me and said he liked me....He's a weirdo cause I decided to go to Spanish class a different way and he kept following me...ALL THE WAY TO SPANISH!!!Oh, I might post a new chapter soon so beware...

-Make a Note of It

Angel Wings


Seth said...

you should have turned around and socked him. i've gotten stalked by girls before. it's weird.

AnimalGal said...

definitely tell Dante to cut it out. Block him from ur phone if it bothers u a lot.

Cabbie said...

Half of me says you're so lucky people like you and the other half of me with a brain says she's never been stalked, don't listen to her.

Kim said...

hey about being in the car for six hours...thats nothing! i was in the car for about 14 driving from colorado to texas (including stops.) so stop complaining.

Angel Wings said...

Did you have leg cramps???

Angel Wings said...

Cabbie ask AnimalGal all about it...she's in my class, and she knows all about the creepiest things....emphasis on the creepie...*shivers*