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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I got the song!!!

Ok I was texting everyone to text 77100 and say Hot 'n Cold by Katie Perry...and the guy put it on the radio!!! I was so siked! ANYways...I don't wanna talk about what I got for christmas...look...I got stuff...I'll explain later...I found my cool hat! It's cool cause I performed with it last year...

If your not interested in violence...don't click on the link below...don't say I didn't warn you!


and heres something everyone can watch


hope you enjoyed them!

Friday, December 26, 2008



Monday, December 22, 2008

I'm in a bad mood...

Gunther...I have one simple question...Did you stop following my writing blog all because of one word?!? Ill' let you know that the two TOP selling books both have that one word that you stopped following for...(twilight...and maximum ride).

Friday, December 19, 2008


Today I discovered something about myself...When I'm sick I turn emo...is that wierd...I don't know?
ANYways, today was the last day of school untill the 5th of January and I wasn't happy at all...I wasn't even sad...I felt emo...
Well now that I feel better,here is an awsome picture of a bird...

XDXDXD...Isn't it cute!!! I found this while doing a power point!HA!!! K, still trying to get rid of that sugar habit...sorry.

I finally learnt how to play river flows in you (AKA; Bella's Lullaby)...It's kinda challenging for a person that hardly knows how to read notes...so I went on you tube and looked up the tutorial!

Anyways...make sure you read chapter 6...cause remember I need a minmum of 1 comment from 5 different people...

Oh, my mom is hard of hearing so I'm dedicating a video that made me think of her...here's the link


-Make a Note of It
Angel Wings

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Heads Up

Okay, those of you that are new to this blog...I have another blog...Your gonna have to catch up...but other people have to wait for the next chapter..so..be grateful you don't have to wait for me to get some extra time cause that hardly ever happens...I just wanted to let you know cause I need more people to follow my blog...I'll spred the word...

-Make a Note of It
Angel Wings

(p.s. there was a frog in the pool at gym and I screamed "Ahh! A frog! It's gonna crawl up my leg and eat me...XDXDXD my friend fell in the pool laughing cause I was SOOO hyper...)

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Fun stuff and more that you won't imagine...

I had SOOO much fun at my first dance...okay just so you know I'm not the kinda girl that shakes her booty to get what she wants...but...I was in the dance off and there was this slut who was shakin her booty and...just being a whore...yeah...lets leave it at that...So she was doing her hoe dance and one of my best friends was on the buys team...I was on the girls team with the...hoe. And he did really good...i mean if I'd brought my camara this dance would be all over the internet...and people would say "THAT WAS OFF THE HOOK!"...it was that good...but she and her skank wanna be's had a louder scream then any of my friends put together...yeah...so my friend lost...I gave him a high five and a hug...I felt bad...so later I texted him...and I quote..."U shoulda won...that slut and her whore friends should beat it!"

That one sentence made him SO much happier...so I'm glad I said it!

AYWAYS, the really sweet lemonade made me hyper and I danced to every single song...

Sorry I posted two days after the dance it's just that I was so tired and it was my first dance! So yeah.

Cabbie...I love that little happy birthday video...that was soo cute!

Thanx for forgiving me Dan...my sisters ex-boyfriends name was Dan...guess what he did to piss her off...I'm serious...guess...

I changed schedules...AGAIN! All my friends in my class are upset...oh well...they'll get over it!
I'm just glad I'm finally in a different class then Josh...THANK GOD!No really thanx...(') (')


-Make a Note of It
Angel Wings

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Boy probs...

I am so sick of school drama!!!

It doesn't help there's a winter dance coming up...BOYS CHOICE!!! Well I don't know about the boys choice thing, but all I know is that the boys are going NUTS!And theres this kid(name is Chris, the reason why I didn't give him my blog url) and he says he likes me but he wants ME to ask him out...ME! I don't even like him!I'm sorta like my frined Mia, if they ask you out and you feel bad...just say yes and if he starts to get annoying break up and say that he wasn't himself...

But thats not the point!And my friend keeps coming to me for advice and it's starting to get annoying...As I said I hate school drama!

ANYways...I still hate Josh...and trust me..I know hate is a strong word and I mean it.And I have proof...HE MOONED THE WHOLE CLASS!MOONED!YOU KNOW WITH HIS BIG FAT STINKY BUTT!Anyway, yeah, only one reason I hate him.

I think Dan is mad at me for saying he had a nice smile on Ali's blog...

You know that kid Donte (I learned how to spell his name).Well now he's hitting on one of my best friends!I got so mad!I slapped him in his face and said "You leave me AND my friends alone, do you understand?" I think he's scared of me now..whole point. When I told the friend he was hitting on she just said "FIESTY" And left it at that.

There's a picture of a cracked heart because this post is dedicated to all the girls out there that have broken hearts...(no offense)

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I expanded to peace...peace...

Okay my friend made a blog and she likes to post pics. so I want you guys to check it out cause I said to her that I have alot of friends here and that I would post about her new blog...WEE! Anyways...heres the link...


Her name is...I don't know how to spell it..but call her Merky. Don't ask me why its' Clay...I don't get it either...

I might get my own really nice digital camera for christmas! I don't really care about the presents anymore...I care more about the family lunch and dinner! i love family! (Even if your adopted*Seth*)

Anyways..I decided that I was going to ignore everything annoying that this boy in my class does...His name is Josh Barker, which is funny cause when he laughs he barks and it's really annoying!Well today, he stuck a pencil down his overly tight pants that are to small for his fat body, and threw it at me...And I kinda snapped and got tired of kicking him in the balls, not that he has any, and just glared at him for the whole period...As I said INNER PEACE!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Quick Reminder

I posted a new chapter...WEEEE!Today my dog threw up in his crate and then ROLLED in it...What kinda dog rolls in his puke??!!??
Well anyway, the dog got a bath, and I had to clean his crate...And when I did that he peed on my shoe...ON MY SHOE!!!Well, who can stay mad at a cute little puppy?

Well gotta go do homework...ugh...homework...

Thursday, December 4, 2008

My Lullaby

Don' forget to read my last post too!

But right now I feel melow as can be...it's because of this song I discovered on You Tube....It makes me relax, and forget, and washes away aall my problems, and it just...melows me out you know...

You HAVE to hear this song it's SO beautiful and soothing....It's now my new Lullaby....

So here's the link, but don't forget to read the rest of my post,k?


Wasn't that beautiful???

My friend say it makes her want to cry...




-Make a Note of It
Angel Wings

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


The title started out like Hola, then Yola, and the resulting title Jola (joe-la)...so yeah.

I saw my grandmother!!We talked a little, about friends and ingredients going about in the spaghetti of life...isn't that weird..."Ingredients in the spaghetti of life".......
I JUST made that up...I swear..well I don't swear..but pretty close to swearing....
She said that I have a lot of friends for a new school, and new people......Whats THAT supposed to mean???!!!??? I don't know but why would she say that...I mean it's the middle of the year, I can't have a group of friends?Sorry 'bout that moment I had...I'm kinda spaced today.

I feel like eating chocolate devil cake...wait...you know that birthday cake at Olive Garden....that chocolate stufff?? If you don't it's to DIE for....again really close to swearing!

I found out today that my friend Stephany (not you steph)or,if you know this,Cris, is moving to North Carolinain in January ...I SOOOO SAD!!!!!!*sigh*It's depressing.I mean doesn't it seem that every friend you get just move away???I feel like bawling my eyes out, again close to swearing...*sighs again* And I don't cry...the only time I cried at school was when this girl almost pushed me down the stairs...I AM SO SCARED OF STAIRS!!!I mean, some people are scared of spiders and bugs...me...I'm scared of stairs....sooooo yeah, you know my weaknesss

well I gotta go...

-Make a Note of It
Angel Wings