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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Boy probs...

I am so sick of school drama!!!

It doesn't help there's a winter dance coming up...BOYS CHOICE!!! Well I don't know about the boys choice thing, but all I know is that the boys are going NUTS!And theres this kid(name is Chris, the reason why I didn't give him my blog url) and he says he likes me but he wants ME to ask him out...ME! I don't even like him!I'm sorta like my frined Mia, if they ask you out and you feel bad...just say yes and if he starts to get annoying break up and say that he wasn't himself...

But thats not the point!And my friend keeps coming to me for advice and it's starting to get annoying...As I said I hate school drama!

ANYways...I still hate Josh...and trust me..I know hate is a strong word and I mean it.And I have proof...HE MOONED THE WHOLE CLASS!MOONED!YOU KNOW WITH HIS BIG FAT STINKY BUTT!Anyway, yeah, only one reason I hate him.

I think Dan is mad at me for saying he had a nice smile on Ali's blog...

You know that kid Donte (I learned how to spell his name).Well now he's hitting on one of my best friends!I got so mad!I slapped him in his face and said "You leave me AND my friends alone, do you understand?" I think he's scared of me now..whole point. When I told the friend he was hitting on she just said "FIESTY" And left it at that.

There's a picture of a cracked heart because this post is dedicated to all the girls out there that have broken hearts...(no offense)


Seth said...

it's spelled 'dante'.

Kansas said...

you go girl!!!

Angel Wings said...

well he spells it donte...he just broke up with my friend...

Gunther said...

Well, since I'm not a girl, I don't have to worry. ;-)
No, seriously, I have girl troubles.
But not as serious as slapping or mooning.
Sorry you had a rough week. :(
Hope it gets better.

Angel Wings said...

I should give you some tips...I should know what girls like...maybe I'll post on it???*ponders*

Gunther said...

Not to insult your intellect, but I already know a lot about girls.
The thing I'm talking about is worse.
Here's the lowdown.
Girl 1#. We both like each other, but she says she likes some one else.
oh oh got to go.
fill you in later.
Au Revue