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Monday, December 22, 2008

I'm in a bad mood...

Gunther...I have one simple question...Did you stop following my writing blog all because of one word?!? Ill' let you know that the two TOP selling books both have that one word that you stopped following for...(twilight...and maximum ride).


AnimalGal said...

Get over your bad mood. Get into a good one!

Gunther said...

No, no, no.
I stopped following your blog because of what I wrote.
See, some of the people I know (and are related to me,) are against saying the D word and OMG.
You know, religious people.
They can see what I commented, and see what I posted.
If they found out that I was using the the D word, or associating with people who use that word, I would get in a LOT of trouble.
Like get my computer taken away.
I'm really, really sorry.
But I'll still keep in touch.
I hope this doesn't go the wrong way.

Marilyn said...

Hello I saw your comment on my best friends blog Maddie: www.futurevet20.blogspot.com she will be very happy that someone else is reading her blog. I also read some of your writing blog and you are a great writter. I want to be an auther when i grow up.
PS I have a blog too, but I'm living in China right now cause of my dad's job so there is mostly pictures of china.

Gunther said...

Himm, you read Twilight?
Though I've never read it

avaina said...

hello peoples reading this!
please email me any of ur questions/comments to
and i will video tape them and put them on my website.
the website name is
also, dont reply to this comment cuz i dont come back to these blogs unless they are one of my main blogs. i probably just found yours through other blogs...so, yeah.

Angel Wings said...


...I'm sorry I took it the wrong way...And I'm sorry you would get in trouble for assoiciating with people that say da...a beavers house...