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Wednesday, February 25, 2009


I know that i haven't been on lately...thorry! I've been preoccupied...with...STUFF. But whatever. Don't ask about my title cause i have no clue myself.

Animal Gal and I made up names for each other and there awesome! My name is Imp and her name is Ickle...YAY!!! I went to the renn fest last week with my school friends,and it was SOOOO fun. When we went on this barrel ride, where you sit in this loggy type thing and a person pushes you and spins you it's really REALLY fun, and instead of screaming (by "we" i mean five of my friends and I) we all screamed a part of a sandwich such as;SANDWICH!,MUSTERD!,MAYO!,CHEESE!,TO-MAT-TO!,aaaand TURKEY! EVERYONE was looking at us...and then,out of no where, I start singing "Elmo's World"...yeah...I'm wierd and proud to be...

My cousin Sabrina is gettin better and next week their(docters) gonna wake her up from a coma...YAY! I'm going to speak to her on the phone...i think...maybe. BUT YAY!!!

-Make a Note of It
Angel Wings

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Random post about basicaly nothing

I'm bored and theres nothing to do at my house...so this is basically about nothing...

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

the dance

The next dance is the "Cinco De Mayo" dance...i don't know how to spell that.O well.
My ex wants to get back with me...AFTER he said it was all an act(and did i mention he's a gold digger...grr) he wants to get back together...ugh!BOYS!!!(sorry,but it's true...sometimes)
Oh...I accidental fell on this boy during the dance...oopsies. I was trying to get my shy friend to dance to a song with me and she fell off the counter she was sitting on,and then I fell,and apparently on another boy that fell.I apologized a thousand times.

Well I have nothing else to post about...I think...WAIT!!!

One of my favorite second cousins has this thing that she was born with that made her brain push against her skull. So, two or three days ago, she woke up screaming,threw up blood,and apssed out.And now shes in a coma.And my cousin has the flu at home...oh and Sabrina's (my second cousin) birthday is this week...sad times... 8'(

-Make a Note of IT
Angel Wings

Sunday, February 8, 2009

I updated

my tunes has new songs on it!!!Look at previous post please if you havn't already...

Yet another dance...

So...thers a valintines day dance and I've decided to go alone if nobady asks me on monday or tuesday...most of my friends are going I don't know if my moving friend stephany is coming to her last dance at dbms...I hope so...8/ ...Her Mom keeps moving the date of the move and it's REALLY annoying!!! One day it was a month from now then it's two days from now...I don't even know when now...my mom sends my love to Ali's family and so do I...it's sad and makes you relize it could be a WHOLE lot worse then now...here's a picture that speaks to me...

it speaks to me...and yet...I understand the what the little boy's going through

(sorry...I feel dep today)
-Make a Note of It