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Wednesday, February 25, 2009


I know that i haven't been on lately...thorry! I've been preoccupied...with...STUFF. But whatever. Don't ask about my title cause i have no clue myself.

Animal Gal and I made up names for each other and there awesome! My name is Imp and her name is Ickle...YAY!!! I went to the renn fest last week with my school friends,and it was SOOOO fun. When we went on this barrel ride, where you sit in this loggy type thing and a person pushes you and spins you it's really REALLY fun, and instead of screaming (by "we" i mean five of my friends and I) we all screamed a part of a sandwich such as;SANDWICH!,MUSTERD!,MAYO!,CHEESE!,TO-MAT-TO!,aaaand TURKEY! EVERYONE was looking at us...and then,out of no where, I start singing "Elmo's World"...yeah...I'm wierd and proud to be...

My cousin Sabrina is gettin better and next week their(docters) gonna wake her up from a coma...YAY! I'm going to speak to her on the phone...i think...maybe. BUT YAY!!!

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