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Monday, May 18, 2009


Okay, a couple of weeks ago i went to Washington DC with my school. It was fun...I would post pics...but to many of them have me in them and this is a public website. So yeah...I had alot of fun and i got a new bf in the mix...on the first night my friend animalgal called him and i asked him out...his name is thomas...and he's really cute...well i think i'm done typing my fingers off...i got homework to do anyways.

_Make a Note of It
Angel Wings


Mark said...

Cool! What did you see there?

-Semper Liber-

Insane Klutz said...

do u happen to go to ADL?? just wondering cause i know ADL went to DC around that time.

Seth said...

cool! my school might go, but there's that (fictional) risk of getting TBII. so we're not sure. i hope we get to go, though.

and congrats with thomas? yay you. join the "unavaliable squad", we've got jackets.

Angel Wings said...

Ok we saw EVERYTHING! Who is ADL? Nd I WANNA JACKET!!!!!!!