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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Break Up

I broke up with my boyfriend today...sad...he was sweet and all but I think he was just friend material...not boyfriend material...

But on a good note...I actually saw a movie...that had Zach Efron...That was a really good... I saw 17 again with my mom on a kinda...sortish girls night out at the drive in and I'm cleaning the car tommarrow which is going to take about an hour...we made a huge mess...

and when the movie was over...I really needed to pee...so we went to 2 different macdonalds and a ducan doghnuts untill i got to go...it was devastating...considering I was supposed to be at a sleepover instead but my friend got sick...I had a good time.

-Make a Note of It
Angel Wings


Mark said...

Sorry, but hope you're not all emo like other people are when they break up with the bf/gf. So, yeah.

-Semper Liber-
(Always Free)

Angel Wings said...

actually i got a new bf...i'll post on it