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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Heeeey...my cpu clock iz screwed up nd idk how to fix it Dx

That was a long title...xD...k I'm done...So...me and Thomas are still going...

OH! I had two dance recitals today and did awesome in both! I have one tommarrow and my parents,sister,grandmother,and boyfriend are gunna be...SO...MUCH...PRESSURE!

I have a new "Soul Sister"...If you don't know what that is it's baisically just two really close friends that are girls...you can also have a "Soul Brother"...just so you know

ALL MAC THINGS HATE ME!!! I was trying to transfer my library on on computer to my computer and i accidently deleted ALL of my songs off my ipod...wonderful...so hopfully he songs are still on my mom's laptop...hopfully


-Make a Note of IT
Angel Wings


Mark said...

I'm crossing them. Oh, do you think you could head to my blogs and books? The only people who go there now are my mom's friends for Facebook. >_<
-Semper Liber-
(Always Free)

AnimalGal said...

lol hey angelwings didnt know u still did this.!!!