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Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Okay...the kids on my bus are officially NUTS!!!They throw paper balls,rocks, water bottles, and much much more....I'm mean alot man...alot!Well this lady talked to us today and she said "If any more ruckus's happens on this bus, ALL of you are going to be suspended from the privilege of the bus for 10 days...BEHAVE!!"

That is sooo harsh!I mean some of the kids are actually just sitting there!That's unfair...

But my dad over reacted, HE said that if I get suspended off the bus for other kids wrongs that he's gonna get a lawyer...a lawyer!That would make me the laughing stalk of the WHOLE SCHOOL!!!I can see the headlines now "GIRL'S DAD SUE'S LOCAL SCHOOL!"

I mean it's pricless...ugh...parents are over rated!


ruby said...

lol. that would totally suck if that happened.

Angel Wings said...

okay sorry for the sarcasim but...DUH!!

Anonymous said...

You have all the fun

Seth said...

wow. makes me happy i go to a private school.

steph says that's why she rides the high school bus. even if the kids do smoke pot before getting on.

Angel Wings said...

forget before how about during the fabulous ride to school.