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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Family portrait

Okay...so my family went to JC Pennies to get a family portrait taken cause it's been...like...ten years since the last one...

SO...we're there and they call our name....and this really really crazy lady comes out and says..."Take off ur shoes and put your purses in that corner."

And so she takes some pictures and we had a couple episodes...laughing episodes that is... and then she asks the parents to kiss me and my sister on the cheek and hold it there for the picture...my dad was like...."Uh...no...we don't do that." And my mom tried to kiss me and i'm like "AHH AHH!" under my smile. And my sister was laughing her a** off...it was SO funny...and the women was i "I CAN NOT WORK WITH THIS!" with a gay voice..which made my wierd family laugh even harder...good times...good times.

Angel Wings


Seth said...

i am SO getting Blake and Sasha to take us to a family photo op! totally! it would be sooo funny.

KittKatz said...

What other family can have so much fun just getting pictures taken!!

Angel Wings said...

yea i no!!