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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Bruised foot bone...ow 8(

My foot hurts...It's not an actual diagnosis...but I bruised a bone in my...right foot. If you don't wanna know how then don't read the following but it's not graphical...why do I bother?
Well you know how I do martial arts and stuff...well my Sensei threw me this weird way and I've fallen the fall before...what I mean by that is somebody has thrown me that way before and I didn't hurt myself...ANYways, since he's expecting more from me, he threw me faster and harder...here's when the hurt comes into play...first of all I landed PERFECTLY! Second...he (Sensei Rook)didn't measure the space of the mat and my foot hit the floor...causing me to burst into laughter cause...I'm weird and laugh when something hurts...and when I got home from the class I had to hobble around on crutches. It's gotten better but still hurts,kinda.

Today I had an epiphany (if you don't know what that is...go to church, you'll get a whole speech on epiphany) people tell me I'm weird...ALOT! And today I realized, instead of denying it, I should just say "Yes, I am...got a problem with it?" So now you can just say I'm weird all you want and I'll just keep saying the same thing.

My friends at school that read my e-book say it brings out more of my personality...I think thats a weird thing to say considering the plan for my plot...shall we use a different word then weird...interesting...thats better! Well, this is the end of this post.

(p.s. I posted on Making My Moves!)

-Make a Note of It
Angel Wings


Mark said...

Guess who's back back back. Back again again again. Mark is back back back tell a friend. Wassup!?

☽ruby☾ said...


Re I kill technology: i am irish. i think im mostly irish in fact. and i even have a nechless that has a real four leaf clover in it, that i wear everyday. its not really working now is it.:/

Carrie said...

Hope you feel better. I've thought about doing martial arts, but it sounds painful.
Good chapter, by the way.

Angel Wings said...

Uh...not when your used to it...

AnimalGal said...

lol hi pplZ!